Quality Assurance and Your Feedback

Listening to your views

We value the opinions of our residents, next of kin, professionals, staff and other visitors to the home. We welcome any feedback that can help us do things better at Whitehaven.

We gather information by recording comments received within the care home and by sending out Quality Assurance Surveys to all parties concerned, during the calendar year. All new residents receive an admission assessment which specifically targets from viewing the care home through admission to the completion of the trial period. The feedback received is analysed, the comments are acted upon and recorded in an “easy to read format” for all to read.

To help build on any ad hoc comments received from residents, visitors and staff, there are a number of methods we use to obtain comments and feedback in a more systematic way, as set out below:

Semi-annual Quality Assurance Surveys are used to formally obtain comments and feedback from residents and family members. All new residents take part in an Admission Assessment that allows us to analyse comments from residents covering the ‘journey’ from the first contact with Whitehaven up to the end of the one month trial period. These comments are particularly important in helping is to ensure the smoothest possible transition for residents entering Whitehaven from their own home.

“Perhaps you would be better off in a home” said my GP. One year on I agree.

In trepidation my son and I visited Whitehaven Rest Home and immediately were overwhelmed by the feeling of warmth and friendliness among the staff and residents. This feeling stayed uppermost even when we chewed over the experience afterwards at home.

Having been a resident for a few months, here is how I feel about Whitehaven Rest Home.

There is a congenial ,caring atmosphere , relatives and friends are always welcome. Activities include games, table games, arts n crafts and quizzes. Also offered is weekly reflexology and hairdressing .We are always encouraged but never forced to join in if we do not wish too.

Of course I wish I could have my independence still but I can’t and I couldn’t wish for a better substitute.

For I can help other residents and help where and how I can, if I choose

Resident – 2015

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We also participate in a scheme administered by carehome.co.uk, which through the completion and postage of short comment cards readily available from within the home, allow comments to be shown and viewed online. This helps to maintain a high level of transparency, allowing all interested parties to independently review the comments made.

The information is processed and can be viewed on CareHome.co.uk website and NHS Choices, when our details are entered.

One said, “We are so well looked after.” Another said, “You couldn’t fault it. They know exactly what they are doing.”

– CQC Dec 2014